The day I got to sing with Amanda Palmer & Matthew Ebel

Vintage video footage of the day I got to sing with Amanda Palmer and Matthew Ebel can be found here on YouTube. For me, in retrospect it was the turning point in how I viewed sales, service, marketing and communications……….

Back in 2010, in the early days of social media, pioneers  Amanda Palmer, Matthew Ebell and I were selected to present at Jeff Pulver’s 140 conference in Boston Massachusetts.

The 140 conference was started by Jeff, a wonderful and warm entrepreneur and early investor in Twitter, to explore “the State of Now.” This was to be the opportunity to talk about using the web and Twitter, a hundred and forty character communications tool, to leverage real-time communications and change the world. Today, we more clearly see how social and business have merged to disrupt old ways and old rules of sales, marketing and service, but back then, we were just beginning to see the amazing changes brought by speed and access.

I planned to reference Marshall McLuhan and Sesame Street and talk about sound bites and their impact on communications but I soon learned that I was to follow Amanda Palmer and Matthew Ebel and their music panel and mini concert.  Indeed, A hard act to follow.

Real Time Twitter lesson Number One: reach out immediately and call for help. People will respond. I tweeted to Jeff Pulver backstage and asked for all my new friends to come out on stage and help me. I was scrambling because the only thing I knew for sure at that point was that most everybody knew the Sesame Street song and Marshall whoever – was long ago interred in history. My new need was immediate, real and compelling.

I salvaged the rest of my presentation in the transition and while the talk may be lost to history, these most memorable moments, where I got to sing with Amanda Palmer and Matthew Ebel, live on.

Today, I continue to explore the power of social media and community building and I often reference Amanda Palmer’s famous Ted Talk

and newer work The Art of the Ask

along with proudly pointing to  Matthew Ebel’s successful alternative marketing with his robot army. They are both great examples of what is possible.  Back then, using social media and asking for help were new to all of us.

Artist Keith Hamilton – in a New York Minute

Exploring the day in photos Keith Spiro capturing photos of Keith Hamilton

Keith Hamilton with one of his inanimate models that he uses to mix real and fantasy, photography and painting.

I had a chance meeting with Brooklyn New York artist, Keith Hamilton the other day. Got to see some of his all new work and was quite taken with the genre and large as life paintings and photography he creates.

My immediate impression was Jules Verne steampunk but upon closer inspection I was absolutely convinced that he was influenced by or a fan of Amanda Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra. My bad. While never having had the pleasure of seeing or listening to AFP, he did come rather close to the classic boudoir and turn of the prior century night club look with his own uniquely styled signature.

Something other than timeless nudes, painted faces and a blurred line between photography and painting, human and mannequin, give his work a special twist. I bet the New York Brownstone crowd would really dig the work. And yet, Hamilton has a bit of very classic training hidden somewhere behind him.  I’m not sure the Monhegan crowd would stretch this far beyond Maine Seascapes but the I could definitely see the New York Fifth Avenue designers and haute couture diggin’ him.