About Keith

Ambassador, Advocate, Explorer.
Business Strategist and Community builder.

I trained as a scientist, ran sales and marketing teams, explored the fundamentals that make organizations successful from both the top and from entry level employee and customer experience points of view. At the same time, I honed my skills as a working visual journalist; one with the business skills to effect positive organizational change.

I bring to the table many years of broad experience with senior leadership and management positions in Sales, Marketing and Communications roles. Lots of product & new company launches as well as initiating strategic pivots & providing executive coaching.

I also offer guidance to startups and fast scaling businesses as an Astia Advisor. The conversational web and real time communications tools have created new rules of engagement and I enjoy influencing strategy and helping teams achieve their goals.

You will also find me as a frequent contributor to regional news outlets as diverse as the Forecaster in Maine and Xconomy in Boston & NY. My particular focus is corporate events and visual storytelling where I can have a lasting impact on people and organizations. I take great pride in combining business and visual expertise to help insure client success!

For more information check out https://about.me/keithspiro or contact me  by email: Keith at KeithSpiroMedia .com


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