Essences – A unique PhotoPoem Exhibit by Akiba & Maryam Mermey

Essences exhibit photos & story by Keith SpiroI had the unique privilege of documenting ESSENCES – A PhotoPoem collaboration between Akiba and Maryam Mermey which is on display at Cundy’s Harbor Library through Labor Day 2019. It’s an exquisite combination of poetry and photos that grew out of their desire to collaborate and effect change via The Transformative Arts. Dr. Maryam Mermey, is a registered Expressive Arts Therapist, holds a Ph.D. in Arts, Health and Society and also has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, a M.Ed. in Arts in Education, and a B.A. in Dance and Poetry.  I met her through her husband,  Transformative Arts Program Director, Akiba Mermey.

Akiba and I share in a weekly practice of Tai Chi and for over a year I have been previewing some amazing photos of birds that only he can capture. He has a magical way of connecting with these graceful creatures and they somehow pose for him, often in mid-flight. All three of us all strongly believe in the power of art to create change, raise awareness and transform into action. While my focus is business- art – technology, theirs has been centered on healing and transformation. Their show, Essences, is filled with images from nature and words that bind one human to another and to nature itself.


Akiba and Maryam share an incredibly strong connection that in their presence you immediately feel

Most importantly, their message and their invitation is- to – you, the viewer,  to take action – to create something individually important to you.  They invite you to create some piece of art – be it writing, photos, drawings, dance or music and share it with the world.

I’ll start here with this photo of them in action. Click here to see their short video describing their intent.CundysPhotoPoem_DSC0381wC_©KeithSpiroPhoto




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