NextGen Community Impact

In conversations with the founder of Carii about how to build value in business in this fast changing digital age, I came up with the comment Next Generation platforms for social are needed that cater to the needs of Business & Community to deliver impact. There is just plain too much darn noise out here.

I was pleased to see Carii pick up on this theme and run with it on Twitter.

nextGen tweet

Communities built around business are the best advocates and cheerleaders any business or non-profit organization could hope for.

While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were a great starting place for social, they are now 5-10 years old and have become tired as a platform for innovation and change. Worse yet, they have fallen into the trap of old marketing and advertising tools of capturing information and then selling it back to the group if they want to broadcast their message to a wider audience.

We are being held captive by the erstwhile tools that we happily poured our Big Data into. Boosting a post and paying for suggested posts are just so old school, interruption advertising. Have these people never heard of INBOUND MARKETING and HubSpot. Please. There are better ways to gather community and deliver the right messages to the right people at exactly the time they are looking for your information. HubSpot provides a ton of free resources to get you started.

And, if you are the Community Manager, don’t you want your members to be able to talk freely among themselves without being pitched to?

I surely do and that’s why I am beta testing Carii and offering suggestions that put community benefit at the center of it all.  We don’t need more intrusive marketing, we need better outcomes and results. Community action amplified by social conversations are the next wave of how business will get done.