MCLE seminar – Leveraging Social Media

As faculty for the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program, Building an Online Presence for Small Firm & Solo Practitioners

I presented a session with Jared Correia, Esq. entitled:

Leveraging Social Media for Competitive Advantage
Attendees learned about the power of social media and how to safely deploy it as a tool in developing both a book of business clients as well as ambassadors for their practice. Jared and I both firmly believe that Digital online marketing begins here.

Here are the takeaways:


-Be wary of communications with potential clients, especially via the web, particularly with respect to real-time communication methods. Before getting into a more detailed conversation: (1) process the client through an official firm channel, e.g.–website inquiry form with click-through disclaimer; and, (2) run a conflict check. If you decide not to sign a client, send a non-engagement letter.

-Don’t offer false or misleading information, e.g.–

-use ‘we’ or ‘us’, when you are a solo lawyer

-refer to law offices, when you only have one office

-guarantee results

-compare yourself to other lawyers

-omit material facts


General Discussion/ Takeaways

-The Value/Importance of Content Marketing/ powerful Word of Mouth tool

-The Value/Importance of Consistency/ be a beacon of consistency

-The Value/Importance of Authenticity on the Social Web/ you are what you publish

-The Value/Importance of Referral Marketing/ create cheerleaders & ambassadors

-The Value/Importance of Statistics in Legal Marketing /would your mother be proud of you?

If you are a member of MCLE, the session was recorded and will be available for viewing for the next twelve months. If you need legal based guidance, you can contact Jared Correia at

If you’d like strategic marketing support, please contact me here.