Signs of the Season

Autumn is a beautiful time for mother nature to show off her best color palettes but it is also the transition frenzy to politicians sprinting their final lap to elections. Here fall foliage and campaign signs compete for attention in Maine…

fall foliage & election signage photo by keith spiro

The last day before the election saw this banner plastered all over both sides of the street in New Hampshire and the simplicity of message won my vote for most subtle and clear message against a candidate. The electorate heeded that message – no seat for Scott Brown in vote 2014.
scott brown carpetbagger?

Lastly, in homage to the supreme court recognition that “corporations are people too” and can spend  as much money as they want on campaigns, I found this sign just tickled my funnybone as I imagined that elevators too will be clamoring for the vote.

vote 2014