Brighten your winter with sunshine from Maria

We can always count on Maria Castellano Usery to offer bright and cheerful artwork to chase away the cold snowy darkness of winter.

Maria confidence shoes photo by KeithSpiroPhoto

Maria Castellano Usery showing off her confidence shoes at show opening in Brunswick Maine

Friday January 4th opened her one –person show at Curtis Library gallery in Brunswick with over 54 pieces that she has created since 2008.

She told me that in the last four years she has disciplined herself to paint, at least a little bit, every day.  The newer works show an incredible vividness of color and her trademark playfulness of everyday objects and situations.  I am particularly amused by her annual birthday cake – acrylic.   This is the time NOW – was last year’s  offering  it also became the cover image for the Topsham Public Library’s 2012 annual report. No matter how much I enjoyed that one, I laughed even harder when I got a sneak peak at her current TPL Joy of Art entry. Birthday Version 4.0.Image You can see this image up close at the Topsham library now and her large show of 54 pieces, including mixed media, at the Curtis Library in Brunswick – both through the end of January.

Great Show! Nice turnout, good live music from Cumberland Crossing and thanks for putting together all that food. Yum.